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Graduate Students' Association

Information regarding funding requests from the Lakehead University Graduate Students’ association can be found here:

GSA_Funding Request Package

What is a funding request?
A funding request is a formal request to GSA asking for financial assistance
with student activities, such as putting on a conference or organizing an
event for graduate students at Lakehead University.
Who can make a funding request?
Any graduate student can request funding for any individual activity. Group
leaders are encouraged to file requests for funding on behalf of their group.
What types of student life activities can be funded?
There is no specific limit for the type of activity that can be funded, but the
most popular requests that are usually approved include running major
events or activities.
What are the requirements of my funding application?
You will need the funding request form, which can be obtained with this
information package. In addition to that, you will need the following
supplementary information:

  1. Introductory letter. This letter should introduce the event,
    campaign, conference, or activity that you are requesting funding for
    and the nature of your participation in it.
  2. A complete budget of your revenues and expenses. “Revenues”
    includes any additional sources of funding you are considering (such as
    other departments at Lakehead University or from the community at-
    large), as well as personal contributions from yourself or other
    organizers. “Expenses” includes all of /the costs associated with your
    endeavor. A list of fundraising activities successful and not successful
    should also be included to show that you have sought out funding from
    other sources.
  3. For events being organized by you: the number of attendees and
    how you estimated that number. It’s important to be as accurate
    as possible, which is why we’re asking for how you came up with an
    estimate. Some acceptable methods include turn-out at previous
    events, survey responses, and RSVPs.
  4. If you’re going to organize a conference, a list of speakers and a
    description of their presentations should be included. When
    considering the request, the committee will look at the relevance of
    the event and this information is important to have.
  5. Justification of funding. This is the most important supplementary
    detail that you can include in your application. The committee takes
    the justification requirement seriously, and applicants’ failure to justify
    their request is the most common reason for refusal. The committee
    has outlined the following as appropriate justification for a request:

    • Proof that approving the funding request will benefit a
      significant number of students at-large in the your department,
      faculty, program, or club or
    • Proof that approving the funding request will benefit a
      significant number of Lakehead University students at-large.*It is recommended that you present your funding request to the executive
      committee at an open board meeting. The funding request should be
      submitted to the Chair at least one week prior to the meeting to arrange
      for a presentation time.

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