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Graduate Students' Association

The Executive Board

Jocelyn Bel, President


My name is Jocelyn Bel and I am President of Lakehead University’s Graduate Students’ Association.

I have been a Lakehead student for seven years now.  I began with my undergrad in Applied Bio-Molecular Science, last year I earned my Masters in Business Administration, I am currently finishing my Masters degree in science where I am studying microbiology, and will be starting my PhD in Biotechnology in the fall of 2018.

I feel that I have the experience to coordinate GSA events, and represent you! I have been extensively involved at Lakehead over the past seven years and I am excited to be able to join the executive team of GSA this year to focus on improving life at Lakehead for graduate students.

From my time at Lakehead, I have worked on campus over the school years as Superior Science’s Girls Club coordinator, on campus in the summers of my undergrad as the Director of Superior Science summer camp, been involved in the student union as an elected Director to the board for two years, a student leader for orientation, served as a student representative on senate committees and for events, as well as Director, Vice-President, and President of the Student Alumni Association.

I am honoured to serve as your President for the 2018-2019 school year to help plan and implement the events you as grad students want to have! We are all in the same boat of dealing with courses, research, and some of us even have graduate assistantships.  I promise to help ensure that we have social events that are fun and exciting, and when we get together, we engage in inclusive, open-minded and supportive discussions/conversations.  As your president, I will advocate for issues that are important to you!

 Ema Cristina Ross, Vice-President-Thunder Bay


My name is Ema Cristina Ross (Criss for short). I’m in the first year of my Ph.D. in Forest Sciences. My academic background is in Environment and Sustainability; my bachelor degree is in Ecotourism (Ecuador), I have one master in Sustainable Development (Argentina) and another in Environmental Management (Australia); my work experience is related to land use, planning and development.

I’m from Ecuador and arrived in Thunder Bay in September last year with my family, dog from Australia included.

I have experience in event planning. Firstly, my mom had a catering service. Sometimes crazy busy sometimes very quiet. It helped me to learn to adapt myself to the situation. Later, as a professional, I’ve worked for the provincial government, a national NGO, a local government and the National Secretary of Planning among others. These jobs gave me skills in different scenarios, from preparing a talk to social organizations to planning a 3-days fair. Additionally, in 2015 I worked for Bike-SA as a bike instructor. Bike SA is responsible for providing preparation for 11-year old kids in school on road rules and biking. I volunteered for Landcare Australia for a few months in 2015. Finally, I worked with the Australian Alaskan Malamute Rehoming Association in Adelaide in 2015. Those were rewarding experiences which allowed me to grow up as a person and as a professional. My last job before coming to Canada was as a Lecturer in the biggest university in Ecuador, the University of Guayaquil, an experience that allowed me to reinforce my vocation in the academic life.

I am highly motivated, goal-oriented, friendly and critic. Living in different countries had given me resilience and a broader sense of belonging. I understand the situation of an international student from the inside as I have been one for a long time in different places and every place has given me something impossible to value: life-changing experiences and forever friends. I firmly believe that if we want to go fast, we go alone, but to go far, together is better. So… lets to go further.

Lauren O’Neill, Vice-President-Orillia


My name is Lauren O’Neill and I am the Vice President (Orillia) of Lakehead University’s Graduate Students’ Association.

I have been a Lakehead Student for five years now. I began my adventure at Lakehead with my undergrad in a Bachelors of Arts and Science and Bachelors of Education. I am currently earning my Masters in Education and will complete the program by the end of summer 2018.
I have been super involved with Lakehead throughout my academic journey. I worked for two years as the event’s commissioner for LUSU, have partaken in many campus campaigns, worked in the education office, attended many National student conferences and much more.
I am excited to be joining the executive team of GSA this year and to be representing the Graduate students at the Lakehead Orillia campus. I am passionate about the Graduate Program and hope to make your experience at Lakehead the best it can be!

Ashley Nemec-Bakk, Secretary


My name is Ashley Nemec-Bakk and I am the secretary of Lakehead University’s Graduate
Student Association.
During my time at Lakehead I have completed my undergraduate degree in Applied Bio-Molecular Science and a Masters degree in Biology. I am currently a PhD candidate continuing my cardiovascular research at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. My research focusses on the effects of low dose radiation exposure during late fetal development and the impact on tissue development.
As student who has attended Lakehead for eight years and has experienced the ups and downs of grad school, I am super excited to get involved with the GSA this year. My experience and input will be a great addition to the executive team and hope we will make this year an enjoyable experience for all grad students.